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Media Service

The video below is an example of the media that we can produce for funeral services, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or as a beautiful keepsake - please play the video full screen with the sound on.

Wealden Celebrant Media

Prices start from just £50 for a professional media show of your photographs / videos, edited seamlessly to your choice of music (you can chose multiple songs).

The finished production can be downloaded and viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or smart TV's, they can also be uploaded to crematoriums media systems to be played during a service (subject to their availability and terms).


Key benefits of using our bespoke tribute service:
Cost - Cheaper than Wesley & Obitus generated tributes (even with the addition of the ‘family supplied’ fee).
No extras* - No additional charge for more than 25 images.
Wider choice - No restrictions on music, image or video sources - all media can be used.
Unique - Completely bespoke, with complete control of images, backgrounds, fonts, and wording
Control – Tributes can be seen prior to the service and there is no charge for adjustments or re-edits.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements, advice is free and without any obligation...

Photographic Services

One of the most wonderful legacies that we can have are photographs, these simple often overlooked items are what I like to call ‘Memory Nudges’.  They put us back to when the photograph was taken and enables our deeper minds to recall and cherish those moments – bringing the past back into the present.

Countless times I have visited familes who pull out the photo album or shoebox and they have shown me their much loved treasures.

Some of the photographs have worn and creased over the years and many black and white images have never been seen in colour.


Photograph Repair

My aunt carried a photograph of her and my father with her everywhere, the print had become creased and damaged.

Using techniques that I have aquired over the years I was able to repair the photo and then with patience and some cutting edge software I brought it to life with colour.

Wealden Celebrant Media Services

Photograph Colouring

Black and white photos are nostalgic and wonderful, however - when a photograph that has never been seen in colour is reworked the details that 'pop out' are amazing.

Using professional software to identify objects in a black and white photo, and calculate a plausible colour for the subjects.

All of the samples below are from my own family album and were never taken in colour originally...

Wealden Celebrant Media Services



​Sent via email as a high quality digital image (JPG or PNG) - up to 12" x 8" - from £3.00 per image

Repair & re-colouring

​Sent via email as a high quality digital image (JPG or PNG) - 6"x4" - from £10.00 per image

Quantity discounts are available, e-mail for a free quotation...

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