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Bespoke Poetry

For a free copy of my book of poetry click HERE

Whilst there is a wealth of poems and readings that are readily available - some families like the added personal touch of one of my bespoke poems.

Each piece is as unique as the person that I am writing about and is shaped around them, I have placed just a few below and they are published with the kind permission of the families that I crafted them for...

Wealden Celebrant - Sussex

Gone to soon.
We have been cheated out of so many things,
Future family milestones, growing old together, irritating one another,
Cheated from saying all those things I would like to have said.

But I have memories that will always be mine,
I have had the chance to create those with you.
Much of who I am is because of you
and the impact that you have made on my life.

So, I have decided that rather than feeling cheated,
I will feel gratitude, rather than regret I will feel comfort.
My love for you will never change with time
and I will forever cherish the time we had together.
Michael Gosden


To those of you who cared…
To many, I did not exist – and others would look away,
Not knowing how to be, how to act or what to say.
But there was also those who cared, who tried to understand,
Who loved me, looked after me – who offered a friendly hand.

Inside my own little world, I was an uncomplicated bloke,
Happy with chocolate, a monkey and of course a bottle of Coke!
But my life also had adventures with lots for me to do,
Canoeing, swimming -  so many, that’s just a few.

Painting, cooking and trips to the beach – nothing was too much bother,
And for my 50th birthday I went up in a helicopter for a hover!

No matter how grumpy or challenging I could be,
I was treated with kindness, love and dignity.

So, to all my friends at Carricks, a final line from me,
You were never just my carers; you were my family…
Michael Gosden


‘An ode to John’…
A motorcycle mechanic – a curious breed.
Always on hand for a biker in need.
Removing parts when there’s hardly any space.
Why on earth did they put it in that bloody place!.

Scratching his head with a roll up in mouth,
Some of the challenges seem to go south.
But before long - John has figured it out,
Of course, he can fix it – there was never a doubt.

In the early days working with skill and precision,
But a bike shop was really Johns vision
So, to Crowborough he went – up the White Hill
With his team of mechanics they practiced their skill

Working on bikes from near and yonder,
His proudest time with Joey and Honda,
Doubted by his teachers all along,
John, you certainly proved them all wrong.

Understated and humble
You didn’t think you were clever
Your knowledge, your skill
Will be remembered forever.
Michael Gosden



‘For you all’
You may be here in sadness, there may be tears for me,
I have no pain or sorrows; my soul is now set free.
I know you do not wish to be where you are today
Remembering the many things we didn’t do or say.

I can’t expect you to understand, just how this come to pass,
Although I didn’t show it, I loved you to the last.
I lived my life as I wanted, and this is not the end,
My absence does not kill my love for my family and my friends.
Michael Gosden

‘The Builder’

He worked with his hands, worn and weathered,
From years of toil and labour,
His trade was that of a brickkie,
Building was his favour.

Taking time to unwind,
Playing snooker or cards,
It’s only right,
When you’ve worked so hard.

Through decades, countless bricks
Have passed through this man’s hand,
His needs were simple, a fag, a trowel,
Some cement, and some sand.

Working his craft, creating homes for many to enjoy,
With care and dedication, ever since he was a boy,

The trowel is now still, the mixer is silent,
No more building will he endeavour,
Yet his work will stand the test of time,
And his memory will last forever.
Michael Gosden


‘You are the guardian’
Draw upon your memories,
Let them dance within your mind.
For you are the guardian of these treasures,
Your loved one has left behind.
Michael Gosden

‘It’s Nature’
ll nature has a lifespan, even woods, fields, and brook’s
In silence they speak happiness beyond the reach of books.

An ageing tree will eventually fall and make way for tender shoots,
Their journey in the cycle of life as they then set down roots.

New growth begins on the forest floor – it’s always been this way,
And sun and moon shall still abide, and with them night and day.
Michael Gosden



‘I am Sussex’
Through glazed eyes you sit,
doing your best to hold back tears.
But feel no shame or awkwardness,
It’s natural after all these years.

Together we’ve laughed,
Together we’ve cried,
This isn’t any different,
And when your tears subside

Don’t feel alone because I’m not there,
Draw strength from what we are.
Memories of us, and all we were,
Are never really that far.

I’ve lived a happy, purposeful life,
Tried best at all I do.
But my time was only that good,
Because it was shared with you.

For I am Proud from where I’ve come,
No man could ask for more,
I was born in Sussex,
And I am ‘Sussex’ – to the core.
Michael Gosden


A poem written for Marilyn…
I may not have been a pioneer or invented something grand,
And to some who didn’t live as I did - it may be hard to understand,

I’ve led a quiet, private life,
Never said, ‘I do’ and became a wife.

But I spent my time as I wanted, and this you must not forget,
My time was filled with memories and seldom of regret,

No holidays grand nor lavish things – that was just not me,
My life was all about those close – about my family,

I do not need your pity, nor do I want your tears,
My life was full of what I wanted… across my many years.
Michael Gosden



Kelly’s Poem

 There are things that happen in life

for which we cannot change.

No amount of money, no amount of tears

can affect or rearrange.


At times like this it is easy to think

of all that was left to be said,

when you wake at night and countless thoughts

are running through your head.


Did they know how much I loved them?

How proud they made me feel?

Is all this just a terrible dream?

Are the thoughts I’m having real?


What you are experiencing is a four letter word,

that word is ‘L’ ‘O’ ‘V’ ‘E’

For a heart to be broken it must have been filled

and for all it’s plain to see.


That yours have been filled with happy times

and fondness for who has gone.

A person for whom your light of love

undoubtedly really shone.


So if at night you get those thoughts

and the ‘what if’s’ come back again.

Remember all the happy times

all the memories made with them.


Turn tears of loss into tears of laughter

there is no shame in this.

Of course there are so many things

that you are sure to miss.


But keep the memory of Kelly alive

by doing what she’d do.

Turn up the music, pour some wine

and stick on some PJ’s too!

Michael Gosden

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